Artist Bio

Born and raised near NYC, I developed a love for art from an extremely young age. The museums and galleries found throughout the area were, and still are, a constant source of inspiration and awe.

My paintings consist of figurative, floral and abstract work.  I regularly explore new techniques, surprising color combinations and continue to be both influenced and inspired by city life, nature and everyday interactions. I am continuously gathering visual cues that serve to enhance my art and I strive to combine all of those elements into my abstract compositions.

I attended Marist College and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in both Studio Art and Art History. My experience living and studying for one year in Florence, Italy made me appreciate art even more and allowed me to truly expand my horizons as an artist. Having now created art for the better part of twenty years, I can say that art is the essence of who I am.  I am able to find inspiration from both past and present life experiences. From these experiences, I utilize painting as a window into my deepest thoughts and emotions, thus allowing for the pieces to truly contain a piece of me. It is through this expression that I have been able to mature and focus on my craft and hopefully inspire appreciation and thought in those who view and own my work.

If you’re interested in learning more about my work and process please feel free to contact me and we can begin the conversation.